7 Beautiful Crocus Types To Grow

When it comes to flowers, they are symbols of beauty that bring the great things of life that nature offers. When seeing them and enjoy them every day, our lives become better and more interesting. However, you have not known to choose the right types yet to grow easily and with success. Look no further, let’s start with a low-maintenance garden by planting one of these 7 Beautiful Crocus Types.
7 Beautiful Crocus Types To Grow
Crocus flowers are a popular variety, it grows in many different environments and displays gorgeous blooms that come in various colors. Growing these flowers is relatively easy because they can handle harsh conditions. So, they also are great options for those who are beginners and lack planting experience. These flowers with little care and natural strengths are what you need.

#1 Golden Crocus

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Golden Crocus is a gorgeous variety that displays yellow and orange flowers. The flowers appear quite striking and beautiful when they fully bloom in early spring. It grows well in zones 3-8 with acid, alkaline, or neutral soil. Also, it prefers moist and well-drained soil but is not drenched, so you just give it an average amount of water.

#2 Cloth of Gold

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Cloth of Gold thrives in zones 4-9 that achieve 6 inches or half a meter height. It grows well during winter days to produce deep red and yellow blooms. To grow this flower, you should start planting from mid to late fall in any soil as long as drains well. Also, give it full sun for happy growth.

#3 Bieberstein’s Crocus

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Bieberstein’s Crocus blooms the best in the fall with bluish-violet petals making it so striking and flashy, great for any garden. There also are some mauve or purple options you can choose to give the garden an elegant look. The Crocus prefers to grow on summer days during a dry period to help your plant gather a decent amount of water when rains come in the fall. Give it full sunlight or in partial, and well-drained soil for best growth.

#4 Crocus Pulchellus

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Crocus Pulchellus is a fall flower that features deep purple and yellow flowers. If get adequately cared for, the plant will bloom the most intense during the mid-to-late fall. To grow this flower, give it a decent water level, partial shade to full sun, well-drained soil, and aerated.

#5 Early Crocus

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The Early Crocus grows well in the early spring in almost every climate zone. This flower is slightly smaller than other varieties but the purple and yellow colors are just as charming. It favors growing in loamy sand and feels happy when gets partial to full sun. For best growth, plant your Crocus early in the season. Give it water it regularly but sure that drains well to prevent root rot and other problems.

#6 Dutch Crocus

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Dutch Crocus is a spring bloomer and is one of the hardiest Crocus types that thrive in zones 1-24. Its blooming time is in early spring with beautiful bulbs that come in shades of purple and white color. You can grow this flower easily in all soil conditions as long as drains well. Also, give it partially to full sun, water once every few days or when the top of the soil appears dry.

#7 Advance Crocus

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Advance Crocus grows well in zones 3-8 and bears beautiful flowers during the rough months of February and March. It can tolerate most pests and just need minimum maintenance. It adapts to any soil as long as draining well. Grow it in part shade to full sun for optimum growth.

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