Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk and Spills the Beans on Alien Secrets (video)

In this article, you will get evidence about the secret practices of the most infamous military unit in the world, Area 51, where extraterrestrial technology is developed and tested. This article presents the story of a former Area 51 employee who retired.

This former employee got drunk and began to reveal sensitive information. The story is told by a guy who lived near this man, the former employee drank too much and began to offer sensitive information to the guy. For a start, the former employee held an important position in the United States Army during his involvement in Area 51, he saw disturbing things, which is probably why he started drinking.

The guy became very curious about his neighbor’s past and asked him about aliens and UFOs, but he always avoided talking about it. One night, the entire neighborhood was left in the dark due to a malfunction in the electricity system, and the former employee started drinking until he got drunk, at that point he could no longer keep his vow not to disclose sensitive information.

According to the report of the former employee, the Grey aliens with black eyes in the form of almonds are in fact “good boys”, while the “bad boys” have a bad smell, are tall and have a brown skin color, these “bad boys” appear to be reptilian, from the description of the former employee.

The guy asked this man, how is it possible for these aliens to manage to travel such great distances between our world and theirs. The former military man said that their interspace ships are so advanced that they generate power from a vacuum. The zero-point energy that would solve all our power needs is in the hands of aliens, and the government has been with them for a long time

The former military man says he saw with his eyes how the UFOs have a device in front that is able to create a wormhole in outer space and travel vast distances instantly. Whistleblowers like Bob Lazar have made similar statements about how aliens travel, so there may be a truth behind the admission of the former drunken military man, who is supposed to have seen the aliens and their space ships.

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