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Dog Rescued After A Night Soaking In Cold Water (Video)

This morning (March 25), a German Shepherd was spotted frantically clinging to the shores of Lake Fairhaven. Fortunately, the Lancashire Police, along with the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and the help of bystanders, were able to rescue the dog from the lake near Lytham. The pup is currently safe and healthy under the care of a Veterinary Medical Center, but authorities are now in search of the dog’s owner. To prove ownership, the owners will need to provide identification. The police have also launched an investigation around the area to try and locate the dog’s owner. If you have any information regarding the owner of the dog, please contact the authorities.

“Hey, were you around there? Did you happen to notice anything? Also, is this pooch yours? If it is, please report it through the internet or dial 101 and mention log number 0243 from today. We really appreciate your cooperation.” The dog is currently living in a shelter and is longing to reunite with its owner as soon as possible.

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