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In the midst of the rubble, a mother dog collapses after giving birth, shielding her newborn puppies from harm. This is a touching tale of selflessness and fortitude.

Abandoned dogs have to bear a heavy burden on their own, which becomes even more challenging when they have to care for their young without any help. That’s why this furry dog, exhausted from surviving on the street, collapsed among the rubble of a construction site after giving birth to her puppies.

Although she was too weak to carry on, she nestled her pups between her legs to protect them from any threat. Despite her weakness, she sacrificed her life for them.

Animal Aid Unlimited was contacted by a concerned individual who witnessed a mother in distress after giving birth on a construction site. Thankfully, the mother and her newborns were unharmed, but in desperate need of medical attention. The organization promptly arrived on the scene and transported the family to their hospital where they would receive the necessary care. “We were grateful for the opportunity to help this mother recover from a difficult delivery and care for her newborns,” reported Animal Aid Unlimited.

“The babies are doing so well now, after Mama has rested for a couple of days. We’ll spay her once the babies are old enough to be weaned,” they added in a post on their Facebook page.

Her future changed for the better from one moment to the next and now she’ll receive the quality of life she always deserved, accompanied by her children who won’t have to go through the hardships she suffered.

However, there are still many dogs that live in these conditions, so this organization in India asks people to get in touch with them when necessary. “Keep an extra careful eye out where there are construction sites because where there is demolition and building, inevitably animals may have lost their homes.”

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