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It is with sadness to report that a mother dog was abandoned at the sanctuary during labor difficulties and has unfortunately lost all 21 of her puppies.

So get this, someone dropped off a mama dog who was in labor for a full day at the Boone Place Humane Society. Can you believe it?

The patient underwent an emergency C-section and experienced two instances of coding post-surgery. Fortunately, timely medical intervention was provided. She also received a blood transfusion and was thoroughly monitored in the ICU at Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

” The vets at ISU also notified us this female is a senior dog and also has had several clutters of pups in the past,” Boone Area Humane Culture composed on Facebook.

” She needs to be appreciating her golden years, rather she was reproduced and after that disposed when she had problems with her labor.”.

Mama canine ended up bring to life 21 pups, yet regrettably all of them have since passed away, in spite of veterinarians doing whatever they could to save them.The pups were all underdeveloped, and with 21 pups, there is no chance they got enough nutrients while they remained in utero.

The mama pooch, currently named Ruthie, is continuing to be to boost, eating on her very own and also standing up to go outside. She has a very wonderful character as well as has since left the healthcare facility to handle her brand-new foster where she will certainly continue her recovery.

In the meantime, the Humane Culture is doing what they can to submit expenses on the individual that made it possible for Ruthie to experience, however they state with Iowa’s weak pet dog safety laws, it’s constantly an uphill struggle.

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