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Puppy Abandoned After Chemical Burns And Amazing Recovery (Video)

A young puppy with a challenging start to life is now in the care of a local animal rescue and is on the road to recovery.

Named Hope, the little pup was found near a restaurant in Newport, Tennessee. Sadly, the 8-week-old dog was discovered in a garbage bin with 60% of her body covered in chemical burns, with her ear and tongue being the most affected areas.

Hope was taken to the Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County and then transferred to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, North Carolina for around-the-clock care. The rescue’s veterinarian is working tirelessly to help the puppy recover from her injuries. Despite the difficult road ahead, everyone involved is hopeful that Hope will make a full recovery, especially given her young age.

An 8-week-old puppy had a very difficult beginning to life. She was discovered in a dumpster outside of a restaurant in Newport, Tennessee.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the puppy had suffered from chemical burns that covered 60% of her body.

The puppy was given the name Hope after being taken to Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County.

Elisha Henry, the director of Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County, shared her emotional reaction upon first seeing the puppy. As reported by WVLT, she recalled, “I sat at my desk and cried for half an hour and I named her Hope because that’s what she needed at that time.”

After some time at the Friends Animal Shelter, Hope was transferred to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a partner shelter. There, the veterinary staff is providing Hope with around-the-clock care.

The extent of Hope’s injuries demands a lot of attention, as she has already undergone one significant surgery.

A part of Hope’s ear that was severely damaged due to the burns had to be removed. Additionally, necrotic tissue from her chest and stomach was removed.

Hope’s wounds require occasional sedation for flushing. Additionally, her caregivers are planning to perform another surgery to remove more tissue from her ear.

Brother Wolf is not only focused on helping Hope recover but also ensuring that justice is served. The police are currently investigating Hope’s case, and Brother Wolf is working with them to hire an animal control officer to help prevent animal abuse incidents in the county.

For now, Hope is receiving an abundance of affection. In addition to being pampered by the staff at Brother Wolf, she is receiving presents from many people who have been moved by her tale.

Hope’s resilience shines despite the tough circumstances she’s been through. A representative for Brother Wolf shared with People that she’s “full of life, playful, silly, and incredibly affectionate.”

Hope’s story has also helped her find a permanent home. As per WVLT, a man who recently lost his own pet has already contacted Brother Wolf to adopt Hope.

The rescue organization is acquainted with the man and believes that he and Hope are a great match for each other. As soon as Hope’s recovery progresses a little more, she will be ready to go home with him.

We’re delighted to learn that Hope will receive the affectionate life that she merits. The efforts of animal rescues are incredibly significant, and it’s essential to aid it in whatever way possible.

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