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“The poignant story of a blind dog and his devoted companion on a quest to find a forever home.”

The UK is home to a duo of stray dogs that exemplify the heartwarming bond between two animals. Meet Glenn, the Jack Russell Terrier who has unfortunately lost his sight permanently, and Buzz, his loyal Staffordshire Bull Terrier companion who helps him navigate the worldaound him with ease.

These two furry friends were discovered together in a tunnel by the sea in Northern England and have been inseparable ever since. When separated, they become restless and unsettled. The Stray Aid rescue center in Coxhoe, Durham, not far from where they were found in Hartlepool, is currently housing the pair. Buzz acts as Glenn’s eyes, guiding him to his food bowl, kennel, and bed, and nudging him when he loses his way.

Their background is unknown, but staff members estimate that they are both between nine and ten years old and have been together for quite some time. The rescue center is searching for someone to provide a peaceful home for the two friends to spend their golden years together, ideally someone who has retired.

Glenn, a visually impaired individual, has found a reliable companion in Buzz, who aids him in navigating the different areas of Stray Aid shelter such as the kennel, food bowl, and bed. Their bond has grown strong, and they experience separation anxiety when apart. The shelter staff is now actively searching for potential adopters who are willing to take both of them in. Buzz’s unwavering loyalty to Glenn is a heartwarming testament to the exceptional connection between humans and their animal companions.

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