Viral Video: UFO spotted in Texas prompts widespread questioning.

An irregularly shaped object was discovered in the sky of Denton, which has stimulated the curiosity of UFO enthusiasts. The video, shared online on the page of a YouTuber with account EagleRun23, shows an object floating in the air. The witness said he was amazed.

UFO xuất hiện ở Texas khiến nhiều người đặt nghi vấn

Strange Object Discovered in Denton County, Texas

According to EagleRun23, this object appeared in the sky over Texas earlier this month, at 8:57 am local time. In a brief description posted on YouTube, the poster wrote: “For me it was an unidentified flying object because I didn’t know what it was. My kids were playing with balloons and suddenly the balls came. their shadow slipped into the sky. We watched and discovered a strange object was also floating in the air. It looked like a parachute.” In the video, viewers can also hear a child say, “It looks like a spaceship.”

UFO xuất hiện ở Texas khiến nhiều người đặt nghi vấn
Do you think this object came from outside the Earth?

Despite the suggested logical explanations, the self-proclaimed “UFO hunter”, Scott C Waring, still believes the footage to be true. He said: “The video was filmed during a family outing. That UFO was nothing like the previous ones I’ve seen. The ship was upright and had a giant rectangle in the center. The kids. naughty didn’t notice that the alien ship was flying overhead.” Mr. Waring went on to describe the object as annular, as thin and as long as a key.

Ignoring the fanciful theories put forward by Mr. Waring, many viewers of the video remain unconvinced by the claims of extraterrestrials. According to some, the object may have been a balloon that was inflated by pressure. One said: “Yes, it’s an unidentified object but just because it’s flying it must have come from another planet.”


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