WISENT 2: Engineer vehicle with machine gun – an effective assistant of the German Army

Officially launched at Eurosatory 2010, WISENT 2 is considered by experts to be the best engineering vehicle ever thanks to the combination of a tow truck (ARV – Armored Recovery Vehicle) and an engineer vehicle (AEV). – Armored Engineering Vehicle) .

WISENT 2 Armoured Support Vehicle - Army Technology


With a modular design, the vehicle can replace the “tools” to suit each task. WISENT 2 is responsible for many functions including rescue towing armored vehicles, digging and bulldozing, clearing мιиєѕ ..
Designed based on the modern Leopard 2 main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tank chassis, WISENT 2 weighs up to 60 tons, is equipped with a “terrible” Turbo V12 MTU MB873 Ka501 engine with a capacity of 1,500 horsepower, allowing to perform every task with his “arms”.

WISENT 2 Armoured Support Vehicle - Army Technology


Although quite bulky, WISENT 2 still achieves a speed of 68 km/h in forward and 31 km/h in reverse. When towing the Leopard 2 tank, the speed of WISENT 2 is reduced to 25 km/h but still effective to bring the vehicle to a safe place, the range of WISENT 2 is about 650 km

The highlight of WISENT 2 is that changing the crane arm to a shovel takes less than 5 hours thanks to its flexible modular design. With an excavator bucket, the vehicle can dig down to 4.4 m deep and can excavate up to 4 tons of rock each time, with a continuous speed the vehicle can excavate 260 m3/h.

Along with that, the 4.1 m wide bulldozer blade also “cleans up” 400 m3 of soil in an hour. When changed over the crane, the WISENT 2 can lift up to 32 tons, which can easily lift light armored vehicles.

Wisent 2 Armored Engineer Vehicle / Armored Recovery Vehicle |
WISENT 2 pulls every advanced main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tank today, it seems like an easy job for it. The car is also pre-installed with computer memory with some specific functions. Controlling the vehicle is quite simple, through the steering wheel and multi-function display.

WISENT 2 Armoured Support Vehicle - Army Technology
For the мιиєѕ clearing mission, the bulldozer blade of the vehicle will be removed and replaced by a dedicated мιиєѕ-clearing fork, helping to pave the way for the troops to go behind. Compared with WISENT 1, the braking system of WISENT 2 has been improved better and the balance control system is very stable on all terrains.
Although it is an engineer vehicle, WISENT 2 is also equipped with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun with a base of 1,400 bullets. In addition, the port side of the vehicle has 8 camouflage smoke tubes.

The body of the vehicle can withstand 30mm shells thanks to the STANAG 4569 level 5 armor. In addition, the air conditioning system, the system to prevent nuclear, chemical and biological ωєαρσиѕ (NBC) is impossible.

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